Our vision, our service and our goals

October 25, 2012

Link-Access started operating in the year 2000, with the objective of linking manufacturers in North America with the best manufacturers overseas that can offer any industrial product with quality, competitive prices and on time delivery.

During this period, Link-Access has developed the best business relationships with more than 100 manufacturers in USA and Canada by supplying the quality parts they require to their satisfaction. With the help of drawings or samples from these customers, our associates in China, Taiwan and India have produced and supplied these parts in large quantities.

Link-Access can source any Industrial product and can accept orders of any size quantity. When required, these parts are stored in one of our warehouses in Wisconsin or New Jersey and delivered at our customer’s requests.

Link-Access’ main products are Wire Cloth of all types in rolls or fabricated parts and Wire product assemblies. We have been supplying many types of Carbon Steel/Stainless steel heavy wire baskets as shown in the attached pictures.

Our other main products are precision machined parts. We have a customer that was importing hundreds of parts from their parent company in Germany for assembly in the USA. Initially, they were reluctant to buy from any other source. We voluntarily arranged for production of samples from their drawings and offered them competitive prices. They found the quality acceptable, the prices fair, and were impressed by our superior service. They have been buying the parts they need from Link-Access for many years now. Similar is the story with many other customers. Link-Access has the capability to serve your business’ needs and provide you with the products you need at competitive prices.